Sean Letourneau

About Me

  Sean Letourneau was born in Dallas, Texas with a passion for cartoons and video games. With years of storytelling experience in high school and college theatre, sean honed his craft of voice acting with some of the greats such as Bruce Carey and Andrew Chandler.

  Since then, sean has been Providing voice over for local and global businesses/studios for 2 years and prides himself on his variety of characters and archetypes provided through the microphone.

Client Testimonials

"Amazing work! I must say that really is a job done by a real professional!" - Fit Style App Co.

"I'm SO glad I made the last minute choice to work with Sean. Very, very impressive quality and quick responses. I could not be more satisfied with the results. You're the man." - Chad from OMAG Offical Studio

"Great contact, fast delivery, high quality recording" - Paul from Rage Quit Games

"When I showed his audition to the rest of the dev team, we all were in agreement: we have to hire this guy..." - Bart from Artificer Games