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Sean Letourneau

Dallas Based Voice Talent

Commercial Demo
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Character Demo
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Interactive Demo
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Raw Studio Sample
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Microphone: Neumann TLM 103
Interface: Scarlett Focusrite 2i2,
DAW: Pro Tools 
Booth: 10'x8' Professional-quality vocal booth + in-booth monitor, keyboard, mouse, & webcam.


"Amazing work! I must say that really is a job done by a real professional!"

— Fit Style App Co.

"I'm SO glad I made the choice to work with Sean...I could not be more satisfied with the results. You're the man."

— Chad from
OMAG Official Studio

"Great contact, fast delivery, high quality recording"

— Paul from
Rage Quit Games

"When I showed his audition to the rest of the dev team, we all were in agreement: we have to hire this guy."

— Bart from
Artificer Games


Commercials & Narration

Games & Animation

Sean Letourneau_headshot02.jpg

About Sean

     Lover of music, theater, tennis, weight-lifting and sushi. I am your go to tall Texas-goofball who loves finding the balance between professional and playful! 

     I am obsessed with the artform of expressing one's self outside of themselves whether that's through video, audio, poetry, etc. That's why I play guitar, piano, sing, and perform as characters behind the microphone. 

     Through a mutual love of art and expression, let's take your script to the next level together!